2018 Harvest Strains List

Harlequin Blue Goo - Round Valley heritage strain developed by a local family. Genetics are Harlequin x Blue Goo (Blue Dream x Jahgoo) Ideal 2:1 CBD ratio and sweet fruity nose. Excellent for anxiety relief. The combination of sativa Blue Dream and indica Jahgoo create a nicely balanced hybrid that is effective without being incapacitating. Get the relief you need while still getting on with business!

Purple Baseball Bat - The deep berry fruity, sweet and spicy nose that can only be JahGoo comes through strong with this WildLand exclusive cultivar. Named originally for what this plant’s big colas looked like in flower, once we tried it the name took on a whole new meaning. A nice smooth smoke that provides a soothing body high and very relaxing mental effect. Ideal for nighttime relaxation but would flow nicely with a day at the beach too.

Platinum Blue Goo - Bred by and seed from Waska Farms (Round Valley family farm) Blueberry Afgooey x Platinum Goo. Incredibly sticky and frosted with hints of purple and a super sweet nose, absolutely gorgeous buds with sweet smooth flavor. Heavy indica effects.

Super Fruit! - WildLand exclusive. Jahgoo x Super Silver Haze. Jahgoo is a local strain developed by breeder Mikey G. and grown by the same local family for decades. Jahgoo is a cross between Jasmine, which is another heritage northern Mendo SoHum strain, and the famed Afgoo. It is a super fruity berry, sticky, purple indica heavy strain with incredible pain relief, body high, and appetite stimulating effects. Combined with the uplifting, euphoric, classic Haze high of Super Silver Haze, we have created a strain that is a heavy hitter in terms of strength but lends itself better to activities than the couch lock of straight Jahgoo.

Jah's Cookie Jar - Our crop of this last year was the winner of the Hull’s Valley Big Bud Party, and was included in Organicann's 2017 Best of Harvest box and Top 8 8th's box. It is a cross between the Round Valley original strain Jahgoo and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Reviewers say: “Smells like Mendo in a bud!” With a nose of soft berry and overtones of pound cake, you’ll be drooling. Balanced effects leaning slightly towards indica.This strain was created by local breeder Mikey G., who also created Jahgoo.

Pink Cadillac - Stinky Pink x Black Cadillac. A local strain developed by a Hull's Valley farmer. Stinky Pink is another classic northern Mendo strain. This was a winner in the garden last year, and we are bringing it back for 2018. Beautifully structured, tight light green buds with an incredible sweet strawberry aroma. Uplifting, sativa leaning but balanced high, smooth and delicious flavor. A personal favorite smoke here at WildLand.

Midnight Cadillac - A gorgeous purple Pheno of the Pink Cadillac. Dark buds and a much more pungent almost Ammonia like smell mixed with berries and mint. Super creative high.